CIBIS (Crematorium Informatie en Begraafplaats Informatie Systeem) is the package that offers automated support for the administration of crematoriums, cemeteries, and funeral homes.



CIBIS supports the entire trajectory, from registration of the deceased with the funeral director to everything related to the viewing, the planning and ceremony arrangements, the use of hospitality facilities, invoicing, notifications, memorial keepsakes, and location management. CIBIS uses one environment to manage various crematoriums, cemeteries and funeral homes; as an integrated system or via multiple locations.

  • Fully web-based

    The CIBIS platform is completely web-based. With a web browser it is available everywhere: for employees, management and directors.

  • Links with external systems

    CIBIS is linked with external systems such as the financial administration and offers a seamlessly integrated publication environment within websites, information panels, or external environments.

  • Modular and extensible

    CIBIS features modular system architecture, designed to ensure extensibility, flexibility, and openness. This results in a solution that offers many configuration options that meet our clients’ needs and offer possibilities for future extensions.



For crematoriums, we offer the Base Crematorium Module. This module offers smart tools for the administration and execution of management activities, ash scattering, and location management.



For cemeteries, we offer the Base Cemetery Module for the administration, execution, and settlement of funerals. Information regarding things such as administration and rates can be found and accessed with smart tools.

Funeral home


For funeral homes, we offer the Base Funeral Home Module. This module offers smart tools for the administration and execution of management activities, viewings, and use of hospitality facilities.
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