For crematoriums, we offer the Crematorium base module. This module features smart tools for the administration and execution of management activities, use of hospitality facilities, ash scattering, and location management.



The base module Crematorium can be used for the planning and execution of ceremonies, cremations, or the receipt of ashes. The module can also be used for the sale and administration of urns, keepsakes, and use of hospitality facilities. After the cremation, the system indicates where the ashes are kept or when and where the ashes will be scattered.



The arrival of the deceased at the crematorium for viewing, the ceremony, cremation, and the use of hospitality facilities are scheduled in a central planning environment. This offers a clear overview of how and when the required facilities such as the hall, the hospitality facilities, the cremation chamber, etc. will be used. The entry lines for planning everything will avoid double entries.



Employees have access to day lists. These lists tell the employee what to expect and which preparations must be made. CIBIS offers various standard lists and overviews. The organisation can also compile customised lists and overviews for the employees or the management.



Depending on the chosen execution, types of memorials, lease periods, maintenance periods, agreements, etc., automated letters to the rights holder or other agreed contact person are prepared based on the starting or termination date. The employee generates the letters as MS-Word documents – labels can be printed as well – and then they can be posted. The organisation can also choose to draft its own letters and make them available in the CIBIS environment.



For invoicing, CIBIS collects all the relevant elements based on the intended invoice date and presents them on a list. When all of the information has been gathered, the respective elements are then selected and invoiced. CIBIS prepares the invoices and prints them. The respective journal entries are forwarded to the financial administration via a special link. The organisation can also choose to compile its own invoices and make them available in the CIBIS environment.


CIBIS crematorium software features


The CIBIS platform does not require user licences and has no limitations on the number of collections or segments. This makes the platform exceptionally suitable to share between multiple locations.


The environment complies with broad international information security standards such as ISO270001 and NEN 2082. CIBIS requires a secure SSL (https) connection.

SLA for maintenance, support and hosting

CIBIS includes an SLA for maintenance, support and hosting. There are no restrictions on the amount of support or the number of notifications.


CIBIS is a multimedia information system. This means that images, audio/video, documents, etc. can be linked when this is useful and desired. CIBIS also offers media viewers for the presentation of footage and images so that the multimedia content can be instantly viewed and/or heard.


New modules, services, and links with/to external systems make CIBIS endlessly extensible and ready to meet future needs and requirements.


CIBIS supports countless links and link protocols. These include API, OAI, SRU, HTTPS, as well as import/export in the form of XML, CSV, and html.